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Alliance of Hope

www.allianceofhope.orgThe Alliance of Hope for Suicide Survivors provides healing support for people coping with the shock, excruciating grief and complex emotions that accompany the loss of a loved one to suicide.

American Widow Project

americanwidowproject.orgThe mission of the American Widow Project is to provide military widows with the vital support through peer-based support programs designed to educate, empower, inspire and assist in rebuilding their lives in the face of tragedy.

Camp Widow

www.campwidow.orgCamp Widow® is a weekend long gathering of widowed people from across the country and around the world. We come together to create a community that understands the life-altering experience of widowhood. Camp Widow® provides practical tools, valuable resources, and peer-based encouragement for rebuilding your life in the aftermath of the death of a spouse… all in a fun, uplifting, laughter-filled atmosphere.

Gary Roe – Healing Is Possible

www.garyroe.comGary’s website provides a range of resources on grief and healing, including the Good Grief mini-course that some of our members have drawn benefit from.

Grief Share

www.griefshare.orgGrief Share is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone.

Get Your Shit Together is now JoinCake .Get Your Shit Together in 2013 to help people complete end-of-life planning like wills, living wills and advance care directives, wrangling your money and getting the right insurance to be less vulnerable and more prepared. I sure wasn’t when my husband was killed in an accident and it made an impossible time even harder. What can help before and after the ‘shit hits the fan’ is in my new book, What Matters Most: The Get Your Shit Guide to Wills, Money, Insurance and Life’s “What-Ifs”.

Grief ToolBox When it comes to dealing with grief, it can be a challenge to find the resources we need to educate ourselves and our loved ones on what is happening and how to best keep going forward.

Grief Diaries Real people. Real stories. Real hope.Dedicated to bringing you comfort, understanding and hope through books, videos, podcasts, resources, events, social media & so much more!

HolyShift Masterclass Awaken Your Inner Warrior and Reshape Your Life. Awaken to your full potential with transformation training A widow mentoring organization. We inspire widows, widowers, single moms and others looking to find clarity, direction and a deeper understanding in your paradigm quantum shifts. It's a safe space where people could come heal, learn, grow, find direction, and educate themselves, during the Holy Shifts" of life.

One Fit Widow 

https://www.onefitwidow.comShortly after Michelle’s life-changing wake-up call, her husband of nine years was killed in a small plane crash. Despite the tragedy that was unfolding in my personal life, I dug deep and realized that at this moment in time, I needed fitness more than ever. With each new workout, I found resolve, strength, inner peace, and even normality at a time I so desperately needed all of those things. As the months and years wore on, I realized that this gift I had been given needed to be shared

Modern Widows Club

http://modernwidowsclub.comA widow mentoring organization. We inspire widows to live a life where anything is possible by being a friend, mentor & advocating in their favor. We hold kindness, compassion & James 1:27 to heart. Moving forward while reaching back.

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

www.nhpco.orgIf your spouse or partner is/was involved in hospice, this organization offers up to one year of free grief counseling. They also offer community outreach counseling for people whose spouse or partner were not in Hospice but still need grief counseling. Finally, if the counseling offered does not meet your needs, contact the bereavement department of your local Hospice as they are usually happy to help you locate grief services and support in your area that is more appropriate for you.

National Widowers Organization The National Widowers’ Organization is a virtual toolkit for men coping with the loss of a loved one, a place where men can meet others going through the same transition.There are a lot of things men suffer alone. That’s part of our DNA. We find great personal satisfaction in accomplishing on our own, independently. We famously won’t ask for directions, won’t admit when we are lost – we prefer to find our own way home. And eventually we do. Most of the time. And that’s fine; that’s our way. But, as new and continuing research shows, there’s one loss that men could use a little help from their friends to cope with. That’s the loss of a spouse or a lover or a parent or a child or a lifelong friend. And it’s often help that only other men can provide. Because we understand, many times without saying the words, where you’re at, how you got there and even why.

Soaring Spirits International

www.soaringspirits.orgSSLF is an inclusive, non-denominational organization focused on hope and healing through the grieving process. We are positive and forward thinking, while focusing on offering our members the tools and resources they need to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of the death of a loved one.

Second Firsts

www.secondfirsts.comSecond Firsts was founded in 2010. We provide a scientific and process-oriented approach to releasing pain consciously and methodically by relying on our brain’s ability to give birth to new pathways, new habits and new brain connections.
Widow Our Mission is to provide accessible content, connections and programs to the 680,204 DC metropolitan residents facing the loss of a spouse, so they can become empowered in their walks through grief & new challenges. 

Widowed Village

widowedvillage.orgWidowed Village connects peers with each other for friendship and sharing. The moderators, administrators, and others involved in running this site are widowed people like you. Peer support is an excellent, social way to learn more about living with loss while gaining the energy and ideas for your path to a new life.

Widows Wear Stilettos  We are proud to serve anyone who has suffered or may be facing the loss of a spouse / partner; regardless of age, gender, technical marital status, sexual orientation, length of time married, length of time widowed or circumstances surrounding spousal death.  If you are visiting on behalf of a loved one or friend who is widowed or who may be facing widowhood, thank you for taking the time to visit and more importantly, for taking the time to locate assistance and support for your loved one.  Please be sure to visit the, "Fleet Speak" page to locate additional helpful recommendations and resources.

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS)

www.taps.orgTAPS offers grief resources and bereavement counseling to those grieving the loss of a loved one serving in the Armed Forces. There are transition services, counseling and outreach provided through a national peer support network at no cost to those surviving families and loved ones. They also partner with the Department of Veteran Affairs. 


Find Your Tribe and LOVE them Hard!


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Modern Widows Club - CHANGING LIVES


 Each year, countless widows find Modern Widows Club searching for support, encouragement and help finding their way through the loss of their spouse. MWC was created to offer that love and support, educated and advocate on behalf of widows, and encourage these ladies to lean back into life with a strong resilience than they’ve ever thought was possible. Hear directly from widows who have had life-changing experiences being a part of MWC.  


The US ranks 3rd in the world for the most widowed women at 14 million. US Stats: (US Every day in America nearly 2800 women become widowed, but no one talks about it. Census Bureau & the 2105 World Widows Report)

The average age of a widow is 59. Of the 14 million widows, 66% are over 65yrs and 34% are under 65yrs. 70% of all married women will face the stage of widowhood. Widows live an average of 15 yrs longer than their partners

Of the 14 million widows, 49% earn less than $25,000 a year and widowhood is often a ticket to poverty.

Over 740,000 widows live in extreme poverty unable to provide food, shelter and basic necessities.

Secondary Losses often crush widows as they lose their homes, jobs, insurances, credit, status, security, identity, faith, intimacy, confidant, parenting partner and best friend. Widowhood is an all affront attack on women’s health

Losing a spouse is 100 stress points on the Holmes and Rahe Social Readjustment Scale and ranking #1. With all the other losses, she often is near the 300 stress point level which places her in an 80% chance of becoming seriously ill.

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Books, Podcasts and Additional Resources

  • Option B - When a family member or friend is going through any sort of challenge, small gestures of love and support can go a long way. But sometimes we struggle with what to say or do, so we don’t say anything at all. #OptionBThere is about helping you find the words and actions to support loved ones when they need you the most.
  •  by Tracy Peart

  • Still Kickin - Still Kickin is a nonprofit organization founded by Nora McInerny that helps awesome people going through awful things. Each month, we provide financial support to a different person or family — a Still Kickin Hero. We’re building a braver, more supportive world — one shirt, one workout, one person at a time.

         Books - By Nora Mclnery Purmort - Author 

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