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"Holy Shifts"


  • Does life ever get you down? 
  • Do you feel stuck at times? 
  • Do you ever feel empty in your relationships, in life, or your career? 
  • Do you ever feel unfilled and go through the motion every day but feel like something is missing? 
  • Do you ask deeper questions like, Why am I here? What is my purpose? 

I'm Founder of Holy Shift Masterclass. After experiencing "Holy Shifts", death of my spouse Sean, losing my home, filing bankruptcy, broken relatively and figuratively. Filled with grief. I was depressed, scared, angry, lost and felt alone. Feeling dead inside, going through the motion of life but not really living fully.  Then I experienced a powerful paradigm "Holy Shift" that shook me to my core. I discovered tools to shift to an upward trajectory, out of the pain and suffering to a  tipping point of awakened conscious awareness.  

 If you’re struggling with not feeling grateful or feel a “lack of gratitude” in your life, then you need a shift. Sometimes our lives are busy, hectic and filled with material possessions, clutter, or an overabundance. I invite you to stop for a moment. Take time to reflect on 7 areas in your life: Self, Time, Relationships, Career, Love, Health, Spirituality. I want to personally invite you to take the 30-Day GratiShift ™ Challenge. I went to the Graftishift™ creator Tony child and negotiated a deal for 90% off for the Holidays. It has forever changed my life for the better and made me so grateful for the people in my life and my experiences. 

"Often is our deepest pain which empowers you to grow into your highest self." - Karen Salmansohn

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 A mind in constant thought creates a body that isn't allowed to breathe. Old unresolved issues resurface. Breakthrough things that are holding you back!  A body that isn't allowed to breathe will never know True Love, True Wealth, True Freedom, True Happiness because only those experiences can be found through the breath. 

This is about neural pathway change on a deep level

If worry, restlessness, and anxiety have been your gig for awhile it can be difficult to even hear yourself thinking.  The thoughts buried under those thoughts in your subconscious mind that must be heard in order to begin to untangle your breath.  Grab my FREE Meditation a $20 Value.  

Holy Shift Blog

 Life changed in a blink of an eye when my sweetheart husband, Sean of 20 years, was killed in a tragic car accident on May 31, 2011. Young suddenly widowed with four small children. A stay at home mom with no clue how to live life as a widow. Manual not included! A roller coaster of emotions. A calling I didn’t ask for & one I definitely didn’t want.  


A faded resume, I gave up my chance at a career to stay home and raise kids. Entering the workforce again, after being a mom for a decade. Trading in my comfy sweat pants, and running carpool. Dusting off my suit and pumps in the back of the closet, to head into the workforce. 

Having hope, faith & optimism against all odds. Learning everything happens in life for a reason. In my book, I talk about my near-death experience and visiting the other side. Beautiful breathing account of the afterlife and how everything is connected. I realized I wanted to do something I cared deeply about. With a new lens, & appreciation for life, I set out to make a difference  

 At the end of life, what really matters is not what we bought but what we built; not what we got but what we shared; not our competence but our character; and not our success, but our significance. Life a life that matters. Live a life of love. 

Tracy Peart - Mrs. Holy Shift 


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